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23 July 2013

English is a ticket to future

Summer, rest, studying, good mood… Do you think it’s real to unite it all? But “The Belarusian association of UNESCO clubs” has carried this idea out, and yesterday in the “Specific comprehensive secondary boarding school 2 of Molodechno for the children with vision disorders” the official opening ceremony of the project “The Bridge of the English language and culture” was held. The project  will take place 19-31 July, 2013. Among its participants there are children aged from 12 to 16 from all Belarusian regions and the Russian Federation. For more effective learning of conversational English professionals (volunteers) from Germany, Poland, Canada and the Netherlands act as teachers. The aim of the linguistic camp is to help children to learn not to be afraid of speaking English and to learn something new and interesting  about the culture of the English-speaking countries. To reach the aims in life, every person seeks for his own improvement, and the project “The Bridge of the English language and culture” is one of the steps on the way to success.



Anastasiya Mazalskaya 

Anastasiya Gonchar 

Yulia Kurash 

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