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26 June 2013

Unesco Clubs Volunteer project: Radziwill Heritage 2013.

10th till 20st of June 2013


With a team of 16 Belarusian and International volunteers we started the Radziwill Heritage project on the 10th of June. This volunteer project was the initiative of Unesco clubs and Neswizh Castle and lasted for 10 days. The purpose of this camp was to discover and maintain the beautiful parks that surrounds Nesvizh castle but also to cooperate with the castle marketing team as to develop marketing ideas that could help the Castle with encouraging more attractive activities.

The program was organized as following: in the morning we helped to clean and maintain the beautiful parks of Nesvizh. While in the afternoon a wonderful team of Neswizh experts guided us around the castle, the cathedral and the town hall. We learned a lot about the Castle’s history and its heritage. After the excursions we worked on different project like developing the marketing strategies for the castle but also brainstormed about future project that could be organized between Neswizh and other organizations such as ours.

At the end we presented a plan which consisted of many ideas and projects. One of the major future projects is the cooperation between Unesco Clubs, Neswizh Castle and a school for mentally handicapped children. The purpose of this project is to entertain and increase the creativity of the children by offering them an art project where they can paint and create different works of art together with students from the art academy in Minsk.

All in all it has been a fruitful and interesting project that will be continued!


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