08 april 2015
 Gymnasium Model United Nations ‘The Worlds Will Collide’ on April 2-5, 2015   ‘Gymnasium Model United Nations conference’ was held in Minsk (Belarus)  on April 2-5. That was the 4th session of the conference, which is traditionally organized by members of UNESCO club “Gulfstream”, teachers and students of Gymnasium 12. The conference is organized by members of the UNESCO club "Gulf Stream", GUO "Grammar school 12 of Minsk",...
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23 july 2013
Summer, rest, studying, good mood… Do you think it’s real to unite it all? But “The Belarusian association of UNESCO clubs” has carried this idea out, and yesterday in the “Specific comprehensive secondary boarding school 2 of Molodechno for the children with vision disorders” the official opening ceremony of the project “The Bridge of the English language and culture” was held. The project  will take place 19-31 July, 2013. Among its...
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26 june 2013
10th till 20st of June 2013   With a team of 16 Belarusian and International volunteers we started the Radziwill Heritage project on the 10th of June. This volunteer project was the initiative of Unesco clubs and Neswizh Castle and lasted for 10 days. The purpose of this camp was to discover and maintain the beautiful parks that surrounds Nesvizh castle but also to cooperate with the castle marketing team as to develop marketing ideas that could help the Castle with encouraging more...
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